Excel Awards

This year we celebrate 30 years of Granite Education Foundation's Excel Awards. Nine educators and one administrator receive $1,000 each as well as additional prizes honoring the difficult and vital work they do.

After receiving a record number of nominations from the community the 2019 Excel Award winners have been announced. See the complete list below. 



Excel Award Winners 2019

  • Jared Reynolds, Granite Connection High
  • Molly Dingley, Evergreen Jr. High
  • Michelle Chester, Churchill Jr. High
  • Lauren Merkley, Cottonwood High
  • Levi Negley, Taylorsville High
  • Jennifer Millett, South Kearns Elementary
  • Stephanie Harris, David Gourley Elementary
  • Rachel Pehrson, Philo T. Farnsworth Elementary
  • Leah Wright, Gearld Wright Elementary
  • Samantha Vore, Cyprus High



Excel Award Winners 2018

  • Brandon Kerby, Cyprus High
  • Amy Winder, Elk Run Elementary
  • Archer Birrell, Hillside Elementary
  • Katie Pearce, Rolling Meadows Elementary
  • Lori Linford, Bennion Elementary
  • Leah Tarrant, Taylorsville High
  • Janice Wayman, Hartvigsen
  • Stephanie Varoz, Crestview Elementary
  • Jodi Larson, Upland Terrace Elementary
  • Jill Thackeray, Skyline High



Excel Award Winners 2017

  • Anita Ardi, Churchill Jr. High
  • Sheri Coats, Neil Armstrong Academy
  • Wendee Johnston, Whittier Elementary
  • Zachary Layton, Eisenhower Jr. High
  • Emily Lehnardt, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Yvonne Miller, Fremont Elementary
  • Callah Morrey, West Kearns Elementary
  • Rhonda Small-Oakes, Hartvigsen
  • Craig Stauffer, Hunter High
  • Sarah Wilson, South Kearns Elementary



Excel Award Winners 2016

  • Tood Summerhays, Olympus High
  • Michele Gaetz, Whittier Elementary
  • Stacie Shields, Truman Elementary
  • Jessica Sellers, Westbrook Elementary
  • Erin Madrigal, Rolling Meadows Elementary
  • Lisa Foster, Wasatch Jr. High
  • Tanja Roller, Oakwood Elementary
  • Monica Marsing, Neil Armstrong Academy
  • Jody Lynn Tolley, Skyline High
  • Garett York, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Danny Stirland, Granite Park Jr. High



Excel Award Winners 2015

  • Tyler Howe, Armstrong Academy
  • Michele Morgan, Beehive Elementary
  • Barbara Homer, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Mandy Chapple, Granite Technical Institute
  • Trevor Black, Howard Driggs Elementary
  • Julie Leri, Hunter Jr. High
  • Noemi Hernandez-Balcazar, Kearns High
  • Jennifer Buck, Upland Terrace Elementary
  • Andrew McIntyre, Valley Jr. High
  • Shantelle Ford, West Kearns Elementary



Excel Award Winners 2014

  • Robin Farnsworth, Armstrong Academy
  • Le Vuong, Bennion Jr. High
  • Rachel Jensen, Calvin Smith Elementary
  • Amber Tuckness, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Ruth Adolphson, Cyprus High
  • Keri Graybill, Granite Park Jr. High
  • Sarah Waddoups, Oakwood Elementary
  • Mark Grant, Evergreen Jr. High
  • Heidi Parkin, Spring Lane Elementary
  • Sharon Hall, Christmas Box House

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