About Us

Granite Education Foundation is an independent, community-based organization that mobilizes ideas, leadership, and money necessary to enable and encourage private individuals and businesses to make a direct and meaningful impact on children and education within Granite School District.

The concept of the Granite Education Foundation is simple but practical. The organization works to facilitate through business and education partnerships, the fostering of programs, alliances, and resources to impact student learning and assist educators within the public school system. The foundation supports these areas through programs, partnerships, and advocacy initiatives.


Organizational programs improve student achievement, lessen student dropout, provide assistance and opportunities for students of low income families, support creative classroom projects and honor selected individuals who have made an impact in our schools.


The Foundation builds bridges between students, schools, and the community. Granite Education Foundation helps connect the talents and resources of citizens, parents, businesses and nonprofit organizations with the educational interests and needs of children and schools.


The organization solicits the crucially needed resources essential to bridge budget disparities, reduce inequities and create opportunities for ALL students and their families.  Board members are enthusiastic advocates for strong societal support of public education.

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