Things are Urgent, but not Hopeless; You Can Make a Difference!

The Granite District provides free/reduced meals to our most financially challenged students, while attending school.

But when school is out, student hunger goes up!

The Granite Education Foundation set out to address these needs by establishing pantries in over 20 high-need schools where students (and their parents) make upwards of 8,500 shopping visits a month to simply help them get through a typical evening, weekend, holiday and extended school break.

But what do hungry families do during the summer break?

To complement the District, the Granite Education Foundation is delivering meal-kits to address hunger even beyond the typical school-day.  

Here's how you can help this summer:

We are inviting generous cash donations to help us respond quickly and facilitate food/product shortages that are constantly changing.

Our community has a noble history of doing great things during difficult circumstances; and we’ll do it again . . .with your help!


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