Granite Education Foundation strives to improve educational outcomes by strengthening the Granite School District community.

The Foundation and its community partners work together to provide support for students, teachers and schools through a variety of programs. In very specific terms, Granite Education Foundation (GEF) provides food beyond what is provided by the school lunch program, new clothing, public transportation, and other forms of assistance to impoverished students so they can attend school ready to learn.

Our main program areas are:

  • Food assistance - with roughly two-thirds of Granite School District students who are food insecure, Granite Education Foundation strives to provide nutritional assistance to children and families through in-school food pantries throughout the District.
  • Student Aid - approximately 35,000 Granite School District students live at or below the poverty line. Consequently, the Foundation¬† works to provide basic clothing, outerwear, hygiene kits and more to struggling children. The Foundation also provides holiday assistance through our Santa Sacks program each year - so children can proudly return to school after the winter break having experienced the same magic of the holidays as their close friends.
  • Excel Awards & Educator Support - since the beginning, the Foundation has supported educators and worked to recognize excellence among Granite School District teachers. Each year, ten outstanding educators are recognized with the prestigious Excel Award, and we work to enhance the capacity of all our amazing teacher through classroom grants, school supplies, and other support services.

For more information about our specific program areas, please refer to the links at the left. You can also inquire about services by calling 385-646-5437.

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