Food Assistance


Food insecurity is an insurmountable issue for some of Utah's most vulnerable students. It also poses a major learning barrier in the classroom and at home. In a concerted effort with myriad partners, Granite Education Foundation offers and delivers food aid to all of Granite School District schools to help supplement the District's commitment to feeding students. 

For more information, see our Kits to Assemble page.

Student Weekend Kits

Student Weekend Kits are a resource for students facing food insecurity during weekends or school breaks. Sometimes, these kits are also used at school to help manage student hunger and behavior in the classroom. These kits are assembled by community organizations, individuals, businesses, and Granite Education Foundation to assist in decreasing student hunger. Principals, social workers, and other school staff distribute these kits as needs are identified or before students leave for the weekend in addition to using them as a resource during the school day.

If you'd like to be involved with this program, we are consistently accepting donations of completed kits, kit contents, and volunteer assistance!

Please see our "Volunteer" page to see how you can donate and volunteer!

Emergency Food Boxes

Granite Education Foundation is proud to provide Emergency Food Boxes for Granite families in partnership with the United Way of Utah's 211 Last Mile Delivery Program. The Foundation provides this service to families in need of access to food at their own desired address, whether that be their home or school. Transportation can be a major barrier for accessing resources for any family and this service aims to ease food insecurity and financial burden.

School Snack Pickups

Granite Education Foundation's School Snack Pickup Program allows school personnel to visit the Foundation and pickup snacks for their students. The School Snack Pickup provides educators with an opportunity to feed hungry students, provide incentives, and meet needs within their school. With educators spending so much money out of pocket on in-school snacks, we hope this resource can reduce financial burden on schools and educators.

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