Classroom Grants

Congratulations to the following teachers for being selected as recipients for classroom grants, courtesy of Granite Credit Union!

  • Margaret Bricker, Cottonwood Elementary
  • Briana Cauley, Kearns Jr. High
  • Shari Harwood, Stansbury Elementary
  • Candice Hind, Neil Armstrong Academy
  • William Glenn Leach, Arcadia Elementary / Academy Park
  • Kara Lucas, South Kearns Elementary
  • Stacy Mayren, Matheson Jr. High
  • Stephanie Oblad, Morningside Elementary
  • Emily Olaya, Jefferson Jr. High
  • Ashley Robins, YESS Youth in Custody
  • Brandi Rosenlund, Redwood Elementary
  • Heather Sikes, Wright Elementary
  • Marguerite Thacker, Stansbury Elementary
  • Keri Vance, Morningside Elementary
  • Kate Young, Fox Hills Elementary

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