Cash for Classrooms

We support educators by providing resources for the classroom through grants, incentives and basic needs for students. On average teachers around the nation spend nearly $1,200 out of pocket each year. The Granite Education Foundation connects teachers to resources that lighten this load in the Granite School District.

Cash for Classrooms

Cash for Classrooms is a grant program designed for educators. Funds are used to purchase classroom supplies that district funds do not cover. Each year, more than $25,000 in grants are awarded to teachers. These funds undoubtedly amplify the quality of learning that the GEF avidly promotes.

Innovative Impact Grant

Innovation Impact Grants provide direct funding of up to $1,000+ to innovative and creative proposals that create new or enhanced programming, services, or educational opportunities in education. These teaching strategies are based on innovative approaches designed to have the greatest impact on student learning. Innovative Impact Grant Application.

If you are an educator and would like additional financial resources other than those listed above, please visit

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